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I think that excessive sexual desire is not a medical problem when you have charming meat. Transient relationships (for money) not means a medical problem. What makes a woman a nymphomaniac? How much sex is too much sex? Watch the cleavage, something else does not matter. Charming meat for paid sex. What want the women (most women) with charming body? Your money, your home, your car, your life. Nothing counts, just the sex. You must have control on your desire. Just finger in mouth or naked on the bich, and money are in wallet. Are a lot of very stupid people in this world who do not understand that the slut, it's not useful, is not something good. Women with charming meat means zero. Generous cleavage is zero. Also sexy legs is equal to zero. A beautiful and charming woman means zero. With zero you buy purses, clothes, jewelery, trips to the sea?

Your money, your house, your car does not mean zero. Women too beautiful want something from you, not free sex. Woman in mini skirt and with generous cleavage at work, on street or at shopping most of the time means charming prostitute in public space. This kind of stupid prostitute is full of appearances, lies and half-truths. Cleavage and again cleavage, more exactly zero and zero again. "Come to fondle tits and give me your money!" Topless or in provocative clothes for who and for what? Naked tits on the beach, often completely naked. Why in this way? This bag is not so heavy with money, so on the beach after another sucker. If the woman has charming body, the money from my card become her money just because she is very beautiful? Are you stupid or what?

Look here, generous cleavage, so give me your money, transfer the money in my account. How simple is. I offer zero (charming meat) and receive thousands of dollars. Generous cleavage and sexy legs means money (very much money) in my wallet. This is the reality. Priority into a woman-sucker relationship has emotional non-involvement. Humans are cars, ice cubes? You see how stupid are the sluts? Sex for pleasure every day? Noooo!

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