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Tight is now the word of order. How to build a tight body? Why a tight body? Tight means pressure from all points of view. Does not matter, the women must be sexy and hot. A naughty woman is in general a sexy woman but primitive, which wait the right moment when she can run away at the lover (stupid lover) number two, three, for and five, dressed in tight clothes. For her lovers she needs a sexy body. No matter with who and when she goes in bed or in bush. Beautiful hot moms in tight dress or tight pants in rented apartments, in hotel rooms or in cruise on the sea with the lover. Erotic moms with tight body means night of dirty talk, oral pleasure, full body massage, free fantasy, the reality beats any movie in unexpected location. I dream about having two men at once, my dream is your dream, right? A naughty woman with tight body wants your live, your money, your holiday home, wants your car, your house, wants everything. What she has? What is she without men?

Tight pants, tight mini skirt and tight dress for tight body, tight is erotic and hot. People go on holidays at least once a year. A woman in tight dress go on holidays several times in a month. How men fall in love? Is very easy, with a sexy and tight dress. "10 ways to win a girl's heart", oh yea? There is only one way, your wallet. Nothing is permanent in this world. You have money, you have woman, you have tight body. You do not have money...  is sucks. "Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It's a state of mind." I do not think so, just tight clothes means sexy and you don't have to be naked to be sexy. Why you are sexy and hot? For money in wallet. You may not want to admit but this is the truth. Sexy, tight and hot is the key to success. "Touch my tight body and give me your money", this is the cruel truth. We are fascinated by sexy women, by hot women, but many sluts in tight dress not worth our attention. Your money is just your money.

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