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From several points of view we consider hot season, the period of time which determine transparency, less clothes on us. Women with no bra or sexy downblouse, shirt full open, all day on the beach so hot meat on the beach. Women sexy on street, at shopping, to the subway, at the picnic in the woods, everywhere hot women. She is sexy and hot during the winter? She is in mini skirt when outside are -15 degrees? Hot season for sexy women. On facebook pictures with sexy women in bikini, with sexy women in mini skirt or with sexy women in swimsuit. But attention, hot women for rich men not for ordinary men. Women with sexy legs, charming eyes, big butt, beautiful tits for sale. How for sale? A hot, charming, sexy and beautiful woman is free? Of course not.

Hot season and mini skirt. What is mini skirt? Fast access to the ”squirrel” and at sexy legs. Hot season for sexy women in mini skirt and for multiple benefits. How many wives in mini skirt are faithful? Who is Sol Perez? Her name does not matter. For who is she hot, beautiful and sexy? For ordinary men? The same can be said about Chantel Zales and Maitland Ward (an American actress and adult model). A woman with special physical qualities and little star in general is not for ordinary men. Only her pictures on Facebook are free. In the hot season most sexy women want to be at a height. Women dressed with a few centimeters of clothes, looking into a desperate despair, from morning to evening, very rich men. She is fairly thin and tall, like a top model.

What means a woman dressed sexy? Nothing? Of course not. Sexy pictures on facebook for nothing? Of course not. Marital status really matter for the hot women? Almost never. Hot pictures on facebook and fidelity are two incompatible things. Why her past matters if you want something serious? All these questions are very important. In the hot season principles and rules are violated.

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