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Everywhere we see pictures with hot bodies, in magazines, on facebook, at tv, on street. Why? The explanation is simple, hot bodies for money and other benefits. The name certainly does not matter, body for money it's all that matters. Advantageous exchange? I do not believe. When we say bodies for money automatically we get into the area of immorality. How to sell your body for cash? I think that Kim Kardashian can answer at this question. Deep cleavage in the first place, an big ass, even modified and filled with plastic, big tits and charming eyes. Sexy women with hot bodies, women in bikini, women showing their beautiful tits for money, money talks. Big ass for money in wallet, it's so obvious. The body is considered a commodity by many women. A woman's body is not a commodity.

Rich women like rich men, rich men like ordinary women with beautiful bodies. Why? Because they are affordable for the right price. Sex and money more exactly. No need professional experience. Beautiful women are for rich men, not for any man. Most sexy and hot secretaire, beautiful mature women, beautiful body in public space, hot downblouse, all these means bodies for money, means wild sexy women for money. Naughty women go wild for money, for paid sex. Crazy women are doing dirty things in the public places. So many pictures with beautiful bodies, something is very suspicious at this situation. Why hot downblouse in public space? For who? For anyone who has money, big house, swimming pool, expensive car and servants. What she has? Body for stupid rich men.

Why do rich men prefer to date young and beautiful women? The answer is very simple, because they have money. Pictures with boobs, sexy legs, beautiful ass means one thing, sex, an easy way of earning money. Pictures with hot women is hidden advertisement. Pictures with hot bodies we see everywhere.”Hollywood's hottest stars over 45.” Physical qualities always matter. Why? For money. No need wisdom, talent, professional training or various abilities, must be sexy and hot. Diet, how to lose weight, beauty salons, why do you want to look hot? Bodies for rich men, for money more exactly. Why women prefer men with money? Because many of them are women with a questionable morality. How to attract rich men (and stupid) and keep them interested? With your sexy body.

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